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Narrow-Gauge Railway Lines in the German Empire


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This overview includes all 1914 existing narrow-gauge railway lines of the German Empire. Only lines, that served to public transportation are considered.  General the lines are arranged according to  the German provinces, in some cases the lines are arranged according to a territority. For example the railway lines of the "Harz" constitute a funktional unit, in spite of this they  crossed province borderlines.
The statistic based on "Reichs-Kursbuch von 1914, bearbeitet im Kursbureau des Reichspostamtes (Verlag von Julius
Springer, Berlin 1914)". This timetable/ railroad guide was published 1914 in Berlin.
The statements were compared with the timetable of 1934, "Amtliches Kursbuch für das Reich für den Sommer 1934, herausgegeben von der Deutschen Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft, Oberbetriebsleitung Ost Berlin".
Many lines are missed in the second timetable. There are different causes. Some lines are out of service, other were changed in tramway lines. A lot of railway lines were be lost with ceded german territories after the World War one.
Notes: For your private use your are allowed to save the files. Also you can pass on this informations by mention the source. You must not use comercial the information without author´s agreement!
You will find here  a similar page of all narrow-gauge railway lines, what are temporary under German management during the World War two. The lines are sorted by conquered states.

The layout:

all tabels have the same head

owner or


summer 1914


summer 1934


distance of
railway line


year of 

Einstellung des

end of public traffic



Sommer 1914
Sommer 1934
im km
i.d.R. Verbleib

The owner, management or name of railway line are underlined. The column "Kursbuch" includes the line number and timetable page number.
The column "Bemerkungen" lists the new owner,  where about after the year of 45 or other special situation of present day.  

Rep.SU reparations, pretends by USSR 
U  + Jahreszahl rebuilding to european standard (1435 mm)
PKP taking over by PKP, Poland
SZD taking over by SZD, USSR
Betrieb railway line in use 
Zahnst rack-railway
Strab taking over by tramway 

Missing data are unknown.

page province/area number of lines

01 Ostpreußen 10
02 Westpreußen 03
03 Pommern 06
04 Wartheland 10
05 Schlesien 05
06 Mecklenburg- Vorpommern 13
07 Brandenburg 09
08 Harz 03
09 Sachsen- Anhalt 09
10 Sachsen 20
11 Thüringen 08
12 Schleswig- Holstein 07
13 Niedersachsen 21
14 Ruhrgebiet 13
15 Rheinland 20
16 Hessen 11
17 Baden 11
18 Württemberg 11
19 Elsaß-Lothringen 07
20 Bayern 07
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Narrow-Gauge Railway Lines in the German Empire